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Graduate Comments

Graduate Comments

A big THANK YOU to the staff for giving us the opportunity and all of the great advantages of a wonderful program to become competent and caring massage therapists.

Age 25, York, NE

I liked the way we started working with massage the very first day of class.  This class was especially fun because we had a teacher who interacted and cared about us from day one.

Age 24, Hastings, NE

Introduction to Massage class was a very enjoyable class as I enjoyed giving massage as much as I enjoyed receiving massage. I also enjoyed the faculty members who are always willing to assist and encourage you.

Age 45, Lincoln, NE

Our class became very close over our year at the Institute. Classmates became a second family. One of the most significant things that I learned while at school was that surrounding yourself in an environment full of people who care, brings out the best in you.

Age 22, Tecumseh, NE

The teachers at the Institute are incredible and totally go out of their way to help you. Students, too, are helpful.

Age 20, Lincoln, NE

I left my hometown to move to Lincoln to attend the Institute, because I wanted to attend the best school that I could find. I made many friends during my 10 months at the Institute and look forward to staying in touch with my classmates.

Age 25, St. Joseph, Mo.

I learned incredible things at the Institute. The mind-body connection fascinates me. My favorite class was my first massage class where I had some very significant emotional discoveries (WONDERFUL!)

The instructors here really enjoy their jobs. They are willing to help and listen to individual needs in all areas, school as well as personal.

Age 26, Fairbury, NE

I most appreciate the willingness of the staff to be flexible. They made school a challenge and fun at the same time. I found classes to be interesting and enjoyed learning more about anatomy and physiology in detail.

Age 19, Tecumseh, NE

I met a lot of neat people here. The staff was most helpful and the faculty was very knowledgeable. I am sure that we will stay in touch.

Age 38, Lincoln NE

One of the things that I appreciated most about this school was the opportunity to meet people in different ages and stages of life.

Age 22, Gerhing, NE

There is a great staff here. They are always willing to help you and are really friendly and easy to get along with.

Age 20, Beatrice, NE

I met some wonderfully extraordinary students and teachers at school. They have made my time here very special. School was a great experience.

Age 34, Tecumseh, NE