How do I schedule an appointment?

Our spa representatives are available Monday through Friday to schedule your appointments. In Lincoln, please call 402.421.7410. Appointments can also be made through the clinic supervisor when you are in the facility. Clinic hours change every 10-week quarter.

How early should I arrive at the spa?

To fully enjoy your spa experience we suggest that you arrive at least fifteen minutes early. We recommend that you use this time to register and acquaint yourself with our facility.

Should I inform the spa concerning any ailment, allergy or health issue?

In order to assure maximum safety, a brief health questionnaire is required. Some health conditions are contraindicated with massage therapy or hydrotherapy. This information is considered to be confidential. If you have been referred to our clinic by another health care professional, please inform us at the time you make your appointment.

What should I know about spa etiquette?

To ensure that you and other clients receive the maximum spa experience, please honor the setting with silence in the treatment room area. The spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation.

Please be on time. Arriving late will cheat you of precious minutes of your spa treatments. Remember that your treatment will end on time so the next client isn’t delayed.

What items should I bring for my spa treatment?

Any type of clothing is acceptable at the spa. However, many people arrive in their most comfortable casual clothing. Shower facilities are not available.

Am I required to disrobe entirely for my spa treatment?

Since our primary concern is your total relaxation, we do not request you to do anything that may make you feel uncomfortable. Feel free to disrobe to your level of comfort as all of our practitioners are highly trained in draping techniques to ensure your privacy at all times.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Out of consideration for our students who must fulfill graduation requirements we require a minimum of four hours cancellation notice.

What about payment?

Payment is made at the time of registration prior to your treatment. Cash, check or major credit cards are accepted.

Institute massage sessions are approximately 50% of the cost of sessions billed by licensed therapists in Nebraska. Spa treatment prices at the Institute are normally one-half to three-quarters of the cost of the current rates at spas across the United States.

What about tipping?

As a licensed health care profession, such as dentistry or nursing, tipping is not customary—the referral of your friends to our students is the greatest compliment we can receive.